About Dawn Lawrence

Dawn Lawrence, Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils in Redding, CADawn Lawrence, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Massage Therapist

“My journey to thriving.”

Step 1: Get checked.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with an abnormal breast thermogram and pap smear. I was given a choice: conventional or alternative healing route. I chose alternative. I started seeking natural solutions for healing. Innately I knew it was possible.

Step 2: Start learning.

I signed up for a raw foods class, learned about the importance of enzymes, bought a VitaMix blender and started drinking green smoothies every morning. Through a quantum biofeedback session I was able to find more specifics: my body was high in chlorine, low in minerals, taxed with toxins, having a hard time digesting. I learned about Splenda mimicking chlorine in the body and invested in a shower filter to decrease chlorine exposure. I was determined to turn my health around. I went to Mt Shasta and had a session with an recommended energy healer – an RN that had amazing results with people, dissolving their tumors. That’s when I learned about BioGenesis healing tools and went to Ashland, OR for training and investing in the tools.

At that time I did not realize how detrimental to my health it was to remain in a work environment of antagonization and high stress. That’s when I found out from the doctor that I had an ulcer. Doc handed me a prescription and told me once I started on it, I wouldn’t be able to stop. Out of the office, I ripped the prescription up and wondered what my next option was. I had never experienced acupuncture, so I asked around and went to a consult. The Acupuncturist said I would be healed within the time and money parameter if I was consistent and showed up. I followed the plan and was healed in a few months. Learning that lesson, I intended for a peaceful work environment and manifested a new job with a very employee-friendly company. It took a lot of faith, but I got to see first hand how miracles can happen. In 2011, a position was created on the Executive team just for me. I got to put my years of graphic design and marketing experience to work and really make a difference.

In June 2012, I experienced the worst trauma imaginable. My Mom and Stepdad were violently attacked in their home and my Mom was murdured. Immediately I took a leave of absence and spent my days recovering and going to the hospital to support my Stepdad. He was able to come home three months later. My husband and I moved in with him and we became his caregivers. It was difficult to go back to work, but I did, and lasted another 8 months before resigning.

I had always wondered how I would ever be able to make a career transition. When you work every day, how can you make a shift? Who has the time? This was a severe transition, but one that was without question the top priority. When you compare life and death to a marketing position, caregiving was much more important.

One blessing that became clear was I began receiving messages from my Mom from Above. My faith and connection with God and the heavenly realm skyrocketed. I now had a knowing… We are eternal beings, it’s just that when you pass, you vibrate at a much higher level than we on Earth can see or feel.

In September 2013, a ThetaHealing class presented itself to me and so I signed up. The second day I began feeling a sore throat. I mentioned it to my teacher, who travels the world, and she pulled out her survival bag of doTerra essential oils. She put drops of an essential oil blend in my palm and told me to lick. The next day – no sore throat. It kicked that virus right out of my system. Being that she is an international teacher I became more curious about these oils she carried with her. It didn’t take long before I was trying new oils for different symptoms and sharing them with friends, family and community. My favorite was for occasional back and neck pain and a  blend for stress and tension. I continued to expand my essential oil knowledge experience.

With heavenly promptings in November 2013, I opened Wellness Realm, a wellness center, in the heart of downtown Redding, California. Using new and ancient technology, I empowered people and offered them natural solutions, coaching and classes for wellness. I became a Holistic Health Coach and California Certified Massage Therapist in 2014 and began soothing clients with Swedish Massage and AromaTouch sessions. At the end of the year my Stepdad passed and I closed my shop downtown to grieve and gather my energy. In 2017, I am now located in Paradise, on the island of Kauai, the place of my dreams, offering quantum biofeedback sessions, holistic health coaching and hosting essential oil classes.

Step 3: Don’t give up.

Set your mind to know that there are multiple possibilities and proceed. Ask for Divine assistance. Follow the path. There are no coincidences. Be grateful. Stating your gratitudes and intentions out loud is very powerful. Be proactive and create what you want in your life. There is no one thing that is the magic pill… learn, explore and integrate to be the most thriving you can be. I will help you along the way.

My intent is to Serve the Highest Good for All.

May we all be blessed and thrive with great health and abundance.

Sending Love to you.




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