AromaTouch Technique

Are you ready for nurturing, relaxing therapeutic touch, and a boost in your overall health?

AromaTouch is a form of therapeutic touch along the head, spine, back, and feet or hands that uses doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  These extremely pure and powerful oils are dripped along the spine to effect 4 systemic constants:  stress, immunity, inflammation, and homeostasis. The oils penetrate the body, nervous system, and cells, and help to bring the body back into balance.  AromaTouch has been found supportive of the body’s healing process with antibiotic-resistance bacteria, mood, pain and other health conditions when received on a regular basis.

It is suggested to receive an AromaTouch session weekly to maintain optimal wellness. The session is 45 minutes with time left to dress during your lunch break. The experience of receiving a session is wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Dawn is a Certified AromaTouch Practitioner.  Give yourself the gift of AromaTouch, or give a Gift Certificate to someone you love.